European enforcement order for uncontested claims

The European Enforcement Order is a simple procedure that can be used for uncontested cross-border claims. This procedure allows a judgment in an uncontested claim delivered in one Member State to be easily recognised and enforced in another Member State.

To have a judgment certified as a European Enforcement Order (EEO), the judge uses a standard form, which can be found in all languages at the European Judicial Atlas in civil matters.

Once the European Enforcement Order has been issued by the court, it must be sent to the enforcement authority of the Member State where the debtor lives or where his/her assets are.

As well as the European Enforcement Order, a copy of the original judgment must be sent, and a translation of the European Enforcement Order certificate may be required, depending on what languages are accepted by the enforcement authority in the other Member State. No other formalities are required, and the judgment can be enforced in the other Member State.

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