Territorial chambers

Notarial organisations

The activities of notaries are supervised by organs of the Ministry of Justice and the national Chamber. The notaries operate under self-governance.

The bodies of self-government:

• the territorial chambers of civil law notaries

• the presidency of the territorial chambers

• the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries

The bodies of self-government are legal persons, eligible to use the coat of arms of the State. The notary becomes a member of the given territorial chamber by his appointment. The trainee and deputy notary becomes a member of the territorial chamber by being enrolled in the registry of the chamber. The self-government of notaries represents and protects the interests and authority of the notariat, as well as participates in the preparatory work for legislation regarding notaries. The territorial chambers are public bodies, which consist of the notaries appointed within their respective area of jurisdiction, and the deputy and trainee notaries enrolled in the registry of the chamber. There are five territorial chambers in Hungary having their seat in Budapest, Győr, Pécs, Szeged and Miskolc.

Territorial chambers

The general assembly of the territorial chamber elects its presidency and president at elections held every four years. The presidency exercises supervision over the professional work of the members, as well as statutory control, may instigate disciplinary procedures, and provides assistance in filling up notarial vacancies.