Dear Clients!

Government Decree No. 74/2020. (III. 31.) on certain procedural measures taking effect during the State of Emergency (hereinafter “GovD”) has changed the conduct of affairs relating to notarial procedures considerably in order to take precautions against COVID-19.

In compliance with GovD Section 31 (3) services rendered in person in notary offices are suspended during the State of Emergency (hereinafter “State of Emergency”) – ordered by Government Decree No. 40/2020. (III. 11.) on the proclamation of the State of Emergency – regarding the following notarial procedures:

- Dissolution of registered partnerships

- Administering the register of pledges over movable assets capable of being individually identified unambiguously (gkZONY)

- Administering the Register of Declarations of Cohabitation

- Preliminary evidence

- Annulment of securities and documents

- European order for payment procedure

- Issuance of the European Certificate of Succession

- Issuance of any certificates, certifications or extracts subject to EU law

- Order for payment procedure

- Succession proceedings

- Administering the Register of Marriage and Partnership Contracts

- Matters relating to the Security Interest Register: filing security interest statements, establishing legal succession, providing access to a legal successor

- Appointment of a forensic expert

- Out-of-court settlement before a civil law notary

- Notarial escrow

- Order of enforcement

- Administering the Register of Pledges (ZONY)

Oral applications are excluded in the matters listed above, just as exercising the right of access to documents in person, and where statements are required in person, the civil law notary is to obtain the party’s statement in writing. Therefore, in such cases any communication between the client and the civil law notary is only allowed in writing, whether paper-based or by electronic means.

Notary offices offer services in person during the State of Emergency exclusively in the following notarial matters:

- Preparation of notarial deeds: drawing up notarial deeds regarding legal acts and attestations, as well as certifying by a notarial clause (certifications)

- Issuance of certified office copies of notarial deeds

- Safekeeping documents, wills deposited with the civil law notary

- Custody of cash, valuables and securities

- Electronic depository

- Administering the National Register of Wills (relating to the drawing up of notarial wills and deposited private wills)

- Matters relating to the Security Interest Register: attesting identification statements

Regarding the matters set out above, in any case please inquire about the office hours of particular notary offices in advance.

Budapest, 3 April 2020

Hungarian Chamber of Civil law Notaries